TOYOSHIMA TEXTILE focuses on manufacturing products made
from thread recycled from plastic bottles and fishing net waste,
as well as biomass products for a sustainable global environment.

Recycled fibers

Textile products made with thread recycled from plastic bottles and fishing net waste.

There are obstacles to weaving textiles using thread made from recycled waste such as plastic bottles and fishing nets, including maintaining stable thread strength and thickness. It is especially difficult to weave ultra-lightweight and ultra-dense textiles, but by evolving our technologies and manufacturing products more carefully, we have acheived mass production and are now contributing to the preservation of the global environment.

Solar power generation

Solar power generators have been installed on our rooftops to supply a portion of our electricity.

Use of centrifuges for wastewater

Wastewater from the factory is treated using centrifuges to separate individual components.

Greenery in parking lots and on rooftops

We have planted greenery in our parking lots and on our rooftops to conserve energy by reducing the heat load from the roof.