Since the establishment of the company, we have manufactured textiles
and knitted raw fabrics. Our textile business excels at ultra-lightweight,
high-density down-proof using polyester and nylon materials and our
knit business excels at lightweight stretch materials using low gauge to
high gauge single circular knitting machines.

What We are Proud of

Our textile business has a reputation for the technique to weave ultrafine fibers in ultrahigh density and high quality. In particular, we realized the mass-production of the ultrahigh-density textile fabrics (non-coating) using 10d filament yarn for the warp and weft ten years ago and have been improving textile fabrics while evolving our technical capabilities. Our knit business division has focused on stretch materials to develop a wide range of applications for innerwear, sports, and outerwear made from natural fibers, synthetic fibers, polyurethane, hybrid materials, and combining the aforementioned fibers.

Our Facilities

Weaving machines (waterjet): 240 units
Sizing facilities: 3 lines
Drawing: 3

Textile Business

To make a space to
put “A bar of chocolate”
in a backpack.

Ultra-lightweight and ultra-density non-coating down-proof textiles woven with fine threads smaller than hair

To respond to a variety of conditions and changes in weather, numerous accessories are required for mountain climbing. In this situation, whether or not one can carry a bar of chocolate may become the difference between life and death when evacuating. We assume an extreme state on a daily basis and work in research and development of more lightweight textiles while maintaining strength.

The non-coating down-proof textiles are one-of-a-kind technology from our company

With regard to warp and weft yarns in textiles, the warp yarns are said to account for about 80% of the textile's quality. By having a complete manufacturing system (integrated manufacturing of warping warp yarn, sizing, drawing, weaving, and inspection), the warp yarns can be prepared in perfect condition; therefore, we can provide high-quality textiles. Our manufacturing system affects the quality of the non-coating down-proof textiles.

Product Characteristics Ultra-lightweight, ultra-density textiles using the extra fine filament yarn
Principal Use Outdoor outerwear
Ultra-lightweight and ultra-density textiles
Main Customers Toyobo Textile Co., Ltd.
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation
And a total of five or six more companies