Evolving textiles, supporting the world

Textile Evolution
World Support

We possess the technology to weave 10-denier ultrafine textiles with ultra-high density and high quality.
This material, which is mainly used in mountain climbing apparel, needs to be thin and light enough to enable climbers to fit a chocolate bar with all the other equipment in their backpack, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of mountain climbing.
Our textiles support those who put their lives at risk.

We at TOYOSHIMA TEXTILE work hard to develop various textiles using our original technologies.
We are constantly evolving our technologies by taking on new challenges, such as using finer threads, and being involved in the reproduction of the threads themselves.
We are evolving the nature of textiles.
And our mission is to provide support through textiles to make the world a better place.


Head factory relocated

We relocated our head factory.
New address: 14-2 Miyaryo, Sakai-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture 919-0512 [MAP]

Company name changed

We changed our company name to TOYOSHIMA TEXTILE Inc. and also renewed our logo.

We installed high-speed pressure floatation equipment.

By forming flocs of suspended solids in the factory effluent through the agglutination reaction and attaching fine air contained in the pressurized water, we will make the target flocs lighter than water and execute solid-liquid separation of the floc-derived sludge for clear treated water.