Company Motto

Speak and act with the other person's point of view in mind
Treat others with consideration

Corporate Philosophy

[Our ideal image]

We will continue to be a company that is always valuable to our customers by making safety our number one priority, and by always surprising and impressing our customers.

〜 For the Customer 〜
〜 For the Company 〜


To evolve textiles,
and support the world.

We possess the technology to weave 10-denier ultrafine textiles with ultra-high density and high quality.
This material, which is mainly used in mountain climbing apparel, needs to be thin and light enough to enable climbers to fit a chocolate bar with all the other equipment in their backpack, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of mountain climbing.
Our textiles support those who put their lives at risk.

We at TOYOSHIMA TEXTILE work hard to develop various textiles using our original technologies.
We are constantly evolving our technologies by taking on new challenges, such as using finer threads, and being involved in the reproduction of the threads themselves.
We are evolving the nature of textiles.
And our mission is to provide support through textiles to make the world a better place.

Management Philosophy



  • Contribute to regional, economic and social development

Products and technology

for end users

  • Provide safe, reliable, high-quality products and services
  • Strive to research and develop cutting-edge technologies

All employees and directors

  • Enhance the personal and teamwork skills of each and every person

Customers and business partners

  • Build win-win business relationships involving mutual research and creation
Management Policy [Strengths]

Management Policy


  • Quality

    Technology and Management

  • Delivery Date Management Capability

    Responsibility and Trust

  • Development Capability

    Information, Creation, and the Spirit of Challenge

  • Responsiveness

    Empathy and Consideration

  • Cost Competitiveness

    5S Activities and Elimination of unreasonableness, wastefulness, and inconsistency

Code of Conduct

Threads represent people
Textiles represent compassion

Warp and weft threads represent people.
We will accurately identify our own challenges, become better than our past selves, and embrace growth, in the same manner that we carefully give shape to warp threads.

Textiles represent compassion.
We will keep a close eye on the working conditions of colleagues and practice compassionate teamwork to unite like a single piece of woven fabric. And we will imagine how our textiles support people in their daily lives and on the summit of an 8,843-meter-high mountain.