Fifty years of dedication to textiles.
Our path in creating the Toyoshima brand was never easy.
Toyoshima Seni's mission has been upheld for 50 years without change—
respond to customer needs as they change along with the changes of the
times and continue to offer surprises.
We believe that our passion for one yarn is outstanding. As a company,
we want to maintain quality to satisfy our customers as we provide a
number of sensations.

Toyoshima seniʼs
Five Management Policies


We do our best to research and create secure, safe, and high quality products

Our high quality has been continuously adopted by leading brands at home and abroad as the embodiment of our capability, and we continue to pursue the same high ideals. Toyoshima quality means we can make the best our standards.

Frequent equipment maintenance

Even if our facilities are working properly, we are not satisfied; therefore, daily maintenance is essential. We pay particular and careful attention to the parts where the yarns touch the equipment.

What supports quality is the human hand

In recent years, all manufacturing relies on machines, but we believe the human hand is the one that determines the final quality. We encourage our engineers to develop and implement new manufacturing techniques. The company concept is that there are things only the human hand can do.

Checks must be strict and uncompromising

When we check yarns, we thoroughly check the invisible details in handling the yarns that are 1/5 hair and will not compromise our products. Inspections are very strict because the yarns will touch the skin and as textiles will protect the person from the environment.

Delivery Date

Based on trust and responsibility,
realize the advanced delivery date management by utilizing individual human strength and the strength of our teamwork.

Our delivery date management capability has formed a system that can deliver better products promptly based on individual strengths in a team environment with 50 years of experience.

We present the right delivery period because we have substantial experience

We present the right delivery period based on our experience responding to a variety of requests from customers and years of research and development. By taking the perspective of the customer at all times and responding to requests and forecasting future needs, we strive to realize advanced delivery date management.

  1. Customer
  2. Abundant
    ◎Comparison with similar cases
    ◎Are there any similar orders?
    ◎Man-hours spent for similar cases?
    ◎Can we do it faster than in the past?
  3. Instantaneously
    the Delivery Period


Keep creating new articles, concepts, and methods at all times

Fifty years of dedication to textiles.The reason that we consistently develop products is our dedication to manufacturing and to improve quality that results in better products. We create the combinations of new patterns, yarns, weaving, and density.

Always read the trend of the times and develop products that are appreciated by customers

Our motto: Always read the trend of the times and keep developing products that are appreciated by customers. We try to develop products that symbolize the times.

  • 1971 Developed and manufactured the knitted crepe georgette
  • 1993 Introduced the German circular knitting machine and developed the spandex cotton jersey
  • 2003 Began the mass-production of outdoor clothing and active sports clothing (ultra-lightweight textiles)

Make sample products with our business partner as necessary

If we cannot make a product sample that a customer desires with our machines, we will make a sample product by using our business partner's equipment. It is to make a proposal that is as high quality as possible and meets the customer's request.


By taking the other person's perspective, we will create a Win-Win (two related parties gain advantages) corporate culture.

We believe that considering the customers' viewpoint at all times and making products that satisfy both parties will create a good win-win relationship.

Excellent human resources will make the best proposal possible

Our employees consistently consider the value of each product and whether such products can be made. Because of the extensive experience of our employees, a proposal with something extra for one request can be made possible. Our personnel have the knowledge to create the best materials without compromise when it comes to manufacturing, which is why the Toyoshima brand has lasted long.

Toyoshima Seni tries to foster excellent human resources and organizes a flawless training system.


We will work to build an organization that is flexible and responds quickly in any managerial environment.

Responding to customer desires and needs, bringing passion to the fabric through manufacturing, and having a single-minded purpose of wanting to improve Toyoshima Seni's competitiveness.

Ability to achieve backed by an enormous quantity of data

An enormous quantity of data and experience acquired after the process of trial and error in managing the company for 50 years means that we can offer a prompt proposal to customers and immediate manufacturing.

Low cost generated by a lot of experience

An enormous quantity of data is helpful in scheduling. Because of our experience, we can make a proposal early and develop the right schedule to reduce costs. We lower the loss rate at the time of manufacturing by working to improve quality and inspections.