Fifty years of dedication to textiles We would like to remain valuable as a company that surprises and delights our customers.

  • Quality Capability

    Quality Capability

    Our high quality has been continuously adopted by leading domestic innerwear brands as the embodiment of our capability that we could realize by continuing to pursue it. Because it is Toyoshima quality, we make the best our standards.

  • Delivery Date Management Capability

    Delivery Date Management Capability

    Based on trust and responsibility with 50 years of experience and abundant cases, we have the capability to realize advanced delivery date management by using our individual strength and the strength of teamwork.

  • Development Capability

    Development Capability

    Fifty years of dedication to textiles. The reason that we are dedicated to manufacturing and development without remaining satisfied with current achievements is to deliver surprises to our customers. We will keep creating new objects, concepts, and methods at all times.

  • Response Capability

    Response Capability

    By acting in another person's shoes, we will create a Win-Win (two related parties gain advantages) corporate culture.

  • Cost Competitive Capability

    Cost Competitive Capability

    We will work to build an organization that can flexibly and quickly respond in any managerial environment.

Latest Information

We installed high-speed pressure floatation equipment.
By forming flocs of suspended solids in the factory effluent through the agglutination reaction and attaching fine air contained in the pressurized water, we will make the target flocs lighter than water and execute solid-liquid separation of the floc-derived sludge for clear treated water.
We received the Special Award in the 46th Senken Synthetic Fiber Prize (Horizontal co-op).
We were featured in the Senken Shimbun (newspaper).
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copyright©Toyoshima Seni Co.,LTD all rights reserved.